Climbing Mount Daisen, Tottori Japan

Mount Daisen

Situated in one of the smallest prefectures in Japan, Tottori-ken, Mt Daisen is often called “mini Fuji” due to its striking similarity with the aforementioned volcano. Measuring just over 1,700m, Daisen belongs to the top 100 mountains in Japan and is well worth a visit, proving a relatively easy yet beautiful hike.

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Bouldering Hall Gravity Research Umeda, Osaka Japan

Gravity Research Umeda

Gravity Research’s Umeda branch for bouldering has one big advantage going for it. Located at the central axis of Osaka’s main transport hub, it’s very easy to reach and offers itself as an ideal after work climbing location. But how does the actual bouldering and facility itself hold up?

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Bouldering Hall BOSSA Climbing, Kobe Japan

BOSSA Climbing, Kobe

Two bouldering halls grace the West side of Kobe city situated in the Nagata Ward: BOSSA Climbing and WAGOMU Climbing. Featuring a varied wall, campus board section, dedicated Moon Board and TRX and pull up equipment, BOSSA climbing offers up one of the best training facilities in the area, outside of making the trek to one of Osaka’s premier climbing gyms.

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Bouldering Hall Rock Garden, Kobe Japan

Rock Garden Kobe

Kobe Harborland is a main draw for many tourists passing through the city. It offers some magnificent views of the Kobe skyline, large shopping malls and a number of amusement opportunities. Tucked away just behind the Kobe Tower is a small bouldering gym called Rock Garden, worth a visit if you’re in need of some exercise as you’re passing through or if you happen to live in Kobe area and are looking to work on those climbing skills.

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Bouldering Hall Gravity Research, Kobe Japan

Gravity Research Kobe

Situated in the Kansai region of Japan, Kobe city doesn’t have nearly as many bouldering halls as its bigger neighbor Osaka. Until recently, there were 4 gyms: Two run by Gravity Research, Rock Garden, and the climbing only Mint Kobe. Gravity Research Kobe unfortunately closed down its bigger, more spacious Annex leaving only the bouldering / climbing hall built into its outdoor shop.

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Tips for Buying a Second-hand Car in Japan

Looking to buy a second hand car in Japan? In the land renowned for world class automobile manufacturing, you’ll be able to get some good deals. Here’s my experience trying to navigate all the complexities that come with not being able to speak or write the language while searching for that dream car:

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Bouldering Hall B-Pump Akihabara, Tokyo Japan

B-Pump Akihabara Tokyo

Visitors to Tokyo have an abundance of choice when it comes to picking bouldering and climbing gyms to train in. New gyms have starting popping up all over this sprawling city, which is great news for anyone visiting or working in the city. One of the most famous names belongs to B-Pump Akihabara, located near electric city Akihabara. Seeing as I didn’t already have enough gym membership cards in the city, I thought I’d pop in to see what all the fuss is about.

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What You Need to Drive in Japan

Are you planning on staying in Japan for longer than one year, and would like to have the option to drive? Then you’ll have no other choice but to acquire a Japanese driver’s license. Here’s what you need to know about driving in Japan in a nutshell:

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