Bouldering Hall Berta Block, Berlin Germany

Berta Block Berlin

The Berlin bouldering scene has really flourished over the last few years. Where once there used to only be the few usual suspects to practice it feels like a new hall is opening every other year in the city. One of my favourite places to visit is Berta Block. Its unique combination of size, variety and quality problems keep me coming back.

The gym is situated in the Pankow district of Berlin and is easily reachable by public transport through the station S+U Pankow via train or bus. From there it’s a short 5 minute walk to the industrial complex and entrance of the hall. Alternatively take to two wheels and use the adjacent bike shed to lock up your ride.

What once started as a small single space area, now spans 3 climbing “areas”, each with their own flavour, and dedicated stretching and training areas. The halls unique selling point are the 5 free standing artificial boulder blocks, one of which the hall derives its name from: the “Dicke Berta”. My favourite section though is the supremely overhanging training cave, which is almost climbing route like in length, enabling impressive endurance based training.

The quality and sheer number (+200) of problems is awesome. It’s just a ton of fun moving between the different blocks and wall structures. The folks here really do know what they are doing and you’ll find the problems being refresh on a consistent basis.

Recently added is a dedicated system training area which straddles the second floor above and between the second and third halls. It includes steep system boulder training walls, all manner of campus and hang boards, a weights section as well as a generous suspension training area. A fantastic addition to the hall, and worth the price of entry alone.

There’s plenty of space to relax as well with a coffee bar with inside tabled seating as well as a small outside area for those warmer summer months. I hear an outdoor extension is in the works in the near future as well. It’s also worth mentioning the fair pricing structure which won’t hit your pocket too hard. Come early or buy yourself a pack of entries to get a better price.

If you haven’t already given this place a try, you’re missing out!

What I liked:
+ Variety, quality and number of problems
+ Dedicated area with campus and hang boards, system wall and suspension training
+ Pricing options

What I disliked:
– Can get very full and crowded during peak hours
– No outdoor area (yet)