Bouldering Hall Gravity Research NAMBA-B, Osaka Japan

Gravity Research Osaka NAMBA-B

Japan’s second largest city Osaka has quickly turned into a hub for climbing and bouldering, with numerous options available to enjoy the sport. One of the best for bouldering is Gravity Research NAMBA-B tucked away just South of Namba Station underneath the train track lines.

Located near the tourist favorite Nippombashi DENDEN Town, this bouldering gym is easily accessible with the numerous train lines that run through Namba. The gym is built right underneath the Southern train tracks and houses a Gravity Research outdoor shop as well as a separated, large bouldering area with 4 distinct sections: the main wall stretching some 10 meters long, a small beginners / kids wall, a steep overhanging section, and a corner wall with low overhang / corner problems.

The main plus for this location is the sheer size of the hall, which feels spacious even during the busiest of times and has plenty of angles and shapes to keep you interested. Problems are colored coded, varied in difficulty and change frequently. Additionally there is a regularly set monthly bouldering circuit which provides a fun challenge. Unfortunately, there are no campus board or finger board facilities which would have made this a perfect destination. There is however a large stretching area complete with mats for 3 people, black-rolls and push up bars. A nice touch are the numerous seating options and break-out area for resting, catching up with friends and watching other folks on the wall. In winter the hall is kept warm enough and in summer the air-conditioning offers cool respite from the sweltering heat.

You can purchase 90-minute tickets or a whole day pass, but you will need to register as a member. The membership will give you access to all the other Gravity Research halls in Namba, Umeda and Kobe which is nice. Changing rooms include free lockers and there are good facilities (rest rooms, washing areas for feet and hands), however a shower is not available on site.