Bouldering Hall B-Pump Akihabara, Tokyo Japan

B-Pump Akihabara Tokyo

Visitors to Tokyo have an abundance of choice when it comes to picking bouldering and climbing gyms to train in. New gyms have starting popping up all over this sprawling city, which is great news for anyone visiting or working in the city. One of the most famous names belongs to B-Pump Akihabara, located near electric city Akihabara. Seeing as I didn’t already have enough gym membership cards in the city, I thought I’d pop in to see what all the fuss is about.

The climbing gym is well situated, roughly a 10 minute walk from JR Akihabara station. The gym unfolds itself over 4 floors: the bottom floor integrates a shop, changing rooms and warm-up area as well as some light bouldering. The second and third floor are the main sections with a whole host of problems with varying shapes, angles and sizes and wall textures (including a space age wall!). And on good weather days the roof can be used and features an awesome outdoor section.

Registration will set you back JPY 2,000 and can also be used at the other B-Pump outlets in the city. The day pass for bouldering will start from JPY 1,800 depending on time and day. The hall is impressive in its size and quality of problems. That being said, on the weekend when I visited, it was absolutely packed with people. But given the breadth and scope of the climbing, I would be willing to put up with this drawback, as it is simply one of the best halls I’ve seen so far in Tokyo.

Whereas other smaller gyms tend to cram as many holds and problems into their different sectors, B-Pump Akihabara route setters have much more space to let their creativity run wild and they really do produce some great results. Well worth a visit!