Top 10 Climbing and Bouldering Halls in Berlin, Germany

Berlin Bouldering and Climbing

Here’s my take on the best climbing and bouldering halls in Berlin. The main takeaway here: for a city whose highest point is only 80m (Teufelsberg) and otherwise flat, there is no shortage of awesome places to practice the hobby we love!

#1: Berta Block in Pankow

It has a boulder called the Big Berta smack in the middle of the gym, what’s not to love about this place?

#2: Bright Site in Schöneberg

Rocking the coolest outdoor section you can imagine, you’ll feel like one of those cool hipsters in the Bacardi commercials.

#3: Der Kegel in Friedrichshein

Swear to me you won’t feeling like quitting it all, moving to Berlin and becoming a “Langzeitstudent” after visiting this cultural icon!

#4: Ostbloc in Rummelsberg

Soak in the East vibes and relax next to the Spree river in this awesome bouldering hall.

#5 : Sudbloc in Rummelsberg

Don’t like the East? Head South for more fun.

#6: Cliffhanger in Spandau

A bit further out but well worth the trek!

#7: Magic Mountain in Wedding

It might cost you an arm and a leg, but you’ll get over it once you step into the sauna after a hard workout!

#8: DAV Climbing Centre in Moabit

Feel like you’re part of the professional DAV Berlin climbing team, if not in performance at least in spirit!

#9: Bouldergarten in Neukölln

Sad about T-Hall closing down? Don’t worry the bouldering is still here!

#10: Boulderklub in Kreuzberg

The hard working gym in a hard working district!

And there you have it, my top 10 climbing and bouldering halls in Berlin. Enjoy!